News - Newton Mechanical Electrical Inc.
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Newton Mechanical Electrical INC. company news page where you can keep up to date on company changes.

Moving Notice:
New Location: 61053 PR 207, Sunnyside, Manitoba, Canada R5R 0C1
We are excited to announce that Newton Mechanical Electrical INC. is moving to a new facility.

Newton Mechanical Electrical INC. has many ongoing civil infrastructure and light industrial construction projects throughout Manitoba. Newton Mechanical Electrical INC. demonstrates excellent construction management, integrating planning, design and construction services.

Newton Mechanical Electrical INC. Completed Projects

Newton Mechanical Electrical INC. is a full service design‐build, building, civil infrastructure and light industrial construction firm. Newton Mechanical Electrical INC. has brought together a family of independent construction companies, construction management and engineering professionals to meet all of your construction needs.